Grazing Table

 (Example of a 12 people table)


You're probably asking "but what is that, a Grazing Table?" Well, these 2 words will literally change your life! At least, your events :-)

Let us give you our definition of a Grazing Table : this concept consists in transforming your tables and buffets into a one of a kind taste and visual experience.

Whether you would like to highlight a birthday, a wedding or a party with friends, our Grazing Table is the masterpiece of the event, making people say "Wow!".

We treat each table as an artwork, by picking fine and local products and by making a point of a perfect visual harmony.

Each Grazing Table is unique, customized and styled to meet your wants and preferences.

This may for example involve the theme of the event, the products selection, the decoration or even the colors of the table!

One thing is certain: this culinary board will remain in your guests' memory. 

You will find a variety of delicious local cheeses, fine charcuteries, fresh bread, fruits and vegetables, jams, honey, houmous, crackers and other scrumptious sides to your wants
We also offer a vegetarian option.




starting at 35$ per person + delivery.


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